brewed at the beach

Aireys Inlet – Great Ocean Road – Australia

About Us

The Story

We live our lives by the tides and the wind and the swell.
We don’t dream of living somewhere else, or doing some other job.
We love it here
Our beer is a continuation of our lifestyle. We won’t be told what mass produced beers we have to put on tap by some foreign owned, multinational, beer factory. 
No extracts. No chemicals. No additives.

The Pub

The Aireys Pub has been an icon of the Great Ocean Road since 1904.
It closed in 2011, but was wrestled away from developers and back in to the hands of people who give a damn.
Huge beer garden, great food, live music, friendly staff and A BREWERY !!!
We can cater for minor celebrations and major events, weddings, parties and anything in between.

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The Beers and the brewery

We sourced and commissioned a state of the art brewery ourselves. Our locally designed and built computer operating system gives us precise and absolute control during the brewing and fermenting process. Anyone can brew beer, but we’re passionate about brewing great beers. Our first year saw us win three awards at the Australian International Beer Awards. 

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Pale Lager 4.5% ALC/VOL
This is not your average "craft" beer. It's clean, clear, crisp, and dry with a low hop profile typically associated with traditional European lagers. Like a custom board, it's been hand shaped and tested and refined until it's just right.

Moby Pale Ale

An Australian spin on an American Pale Ale. We continually made additions of Australian, New Zealand and US hops throughout brewing to create a balance of citrus, pine, and tropical fruit flavours.
Drink a Pale. Save a Whale.
We're also donating 10% of Moby profits to Sea Shepherd to protect and preserve our oceans.

Cranky Missus

Cranky Mrs is a Double IPA. It's loaded with hops and alcohol. So draw a line in the sand and start making excuses, 'cause you're going home late and you won't be doing the lawns tomorrow!

Seasonal Beers

Blood Orange Pale Ale

Subtle, juicy orange flavour. Dry Hopped with mandarin hops.

Mid Tide Mild

An unfiltered, mid-strength, English Brown Ale. Malty, caramel, complex tobacco flavours.

Ink Stout

Cold drip coffee infused Stout. Quit whining and try it.

Session Ale

Victorian Malt. Victorian Hops. Just straight, plain old, yummy beer.

People riding the Rogue Wave

See our map for places you can get our brews. We’re always looking for new venues, so let us know if you have a bottle-o or bar, or if you know someone who does.

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